When a girl turns 9…

Discussing plans for Madelyn’s birthday party, I thought I’d have it so easy this year. It was a simple idea, a slumber party, lunch at Steak ‘n Shake, followed by a trip to the mall for makeup and clothes, then home for hair and photos. MAN O MAN, I was way in over my head!

The slumber party started out alright; picked up Madelyn from school, along with her friend Lainey. After a bit, we went and picked up Ally, then Megan was dropped off by 5pm. It was an evening full of girl talk, bickering and noise! I went to bed, woke up, told them to quiet down; went to bed, woke up, told them again, went back to bed. WOKE UP AGAIN, and had to really lay down some ground rules and they were all finally calmed down.

After they all awoke in the morning, they played for a bit outside and it was time for lunch. Madelyn chose Steak ‘n Shake. To my surprise, kids eat free on Saturday’s. So, we splurged and all got milkshakes as a treat! Lillian had a great time stealing the show since she was denied slumber party privileges!


Once we all finished eating and got a couple milkshakes to go, we were ready for the mall. First stop was Sephora for mini-makeovers! The girls LOVED this. Madelyn picked out the lipgloss and blush, and got a bit of mascara. They all took turns being pampered and then played around with the other makeup! Eventually we made our way over to Justice so Madelyn could spend some birthday money. They all had a great time trying on outfits!

On the way home, we stopped and picked wildflowers so we could make floral crowns. The girls helped for a bit, then started playing outside. Madelyn started showing signs she wasn’t feeling well. All the girls picked out their favorite hairstyles from Pinterest and I got to work. Once the girls were all ready, we headed to the pond for some pictures. This was my clever plan because Madelyn will not let me take her pictures anymore! It was a great plan, but Madelyn was feeling pretty rough by this time. She powered through and I could tell she really enjoyed the smoke bomb! After we were done with our mini photography session, she said goodbye to her friends.

Luckily, Madelyn and Lillian both were up to saying goodbye to me for the night and stayed with their Nana. From the slumber party, trip to town and prepping for the shoot, I was exhausted. I now know my limit and having 4 tweens and a little one is it!


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