Megan & Colton Engagement Session!

After several attempts for this session, we finally had terrific weather! We drove out to Atlanta State Park, which was still pretty flooded, and had a sunset photography session. Surprisingly, mosquitos were minimal but I did find an adoring fan from ONE pesky horsefly. Megan and Colton were able to laugh at my expense and I even got swatted a few times. Megan was “helping”. It was certainly worth it because I LOVE these photos almost as much as I love this amazing couple!

Megan and Colton have been going to the same church for years. Megan said it all started as a simple friendship and next thing she knew, a relationship. Their official first date was only a few short months  ago!

While on a youth mission trip to Guatemala in 2014, it all began. She can remember the conversation on the long bus rides while there.  When they got back, they just never stopped talking!

They are set to be married in July and have plans to leave Texas and  go to school in Springfield, Misssori in the fall. These two will most certainly be a power couple and I can not wait to see where life takes them!


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