Nurse Maddiee!!!

She has to be my favorite graduate this year!  I’ve been photographing her almost as long as I’ve been in business. She is more like a friend/little sister now more than a client. We call her “Big Maddiee” because I have a daughter named Maddie! Here’s a throwback from one of our first photo 6/7 years ago!



Now she is all grown and graduating on the Deans list! All that hard work is paying off!


Now hurry up and get married! LOVE YOU!


Nurse Ashlyn!

When meeting up with Maddiee to take a few more graduation photos, she said her friend was coming along! I was thinking “oh, great”, but let me tell you she was sooo sweet! So sweet, she bought my lunch when we were done, that’s as sweet as it gets after a hot photo session in Mobile, AL!!


She even tried getting hit by a car for photography’s sake!


Congrats on graduation Ashlyn and remember I do weddings! (Shameless plug)!

Nurse Taryn

I absolutely love getting to photograph past clients! I had taken Taryn’s high school senior photos as well. Here are just a couple from those!

She was so fun each time we had a session! I’m so glad she kept her bubbly personality and will be a great nurse!


University of South Alabama is lucky to have her as alumni and Mobile, AL is lucky to have her as a nurse!


I hope she finds me after every degree! YOU CAN DO IT!

Connor Turns 1!

Hard believe a year has passed since first taking Connor’s newborn photos, but it has.

I ran into Crystal while visiting Mobile, AL and we set up another session for her sweet boy! He likes to be clean and isn’t fond of the beach, so perfect idea to do sailor pics at Dauphin Island! We got there about an hour before sunset and got to work.



I’ve had a few busy weeks! I had nonstop photo sessions while in Mobile, AL. While I was there I cracked my laptop screen and had to order a new one! So I’ve been a bit behind on editing! But, my mom has a fantastic gaming computer that worked perfectly for some quick edits (I mean quick as in her computer way faster than mine!)

Since getting home to Atlanta, TX, I had some fun floating the river with ladies from my church, replaced my laptop screen AND had a yard sale! Not to mention tonight’s amazing firework show!!


I adore this the bottom left one! My favorite! I am definitely going to try another round when our church puts on a show and maybe some fun sparkler shots of the girls! IF you live in or near Atlanta, be sure to get some fireworks from the firework stand at Cornerstone Assebly of God, all profits go directly to the youth fund and the prices are really low!!