Layne is a fun 7 year old that…guess what…goes to the same church as I do! He plays TACKLE football on the team Atlanta Bulldog Nation.

I rarely get to take sports photos, but they are so much fun and I get to do more creative shots without feeling “cheesy! I’m going to have to try to do these more often.


I can’t wait to do his whole family later this year!


Sweet Titus!

Whew! Newborn portraits are tough! Right after Titus was born, I left to visit my family in Alabama and didn’t get to take any photos until he was 2 weeks old.


His sisters had the cutest shirts to show they were big sisters! You can see from the fresh 48 hospital session and even the maternity session that they are so proud and excited to have a new baby brother.


These may have been a little different from what I usually shoot, but I am so glad that I could get some memorable images that will be cherished a lifetime.



Alyssa c/o 2017!

Alyssa is a sweet, soft spoken girl that I go to church with! She is smart and talented so we definitely wanted to showcase that in her senior session!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this beautiful girl will do this upcoming year!