Hayley & Hollie-Senior Reps and Fam!

I chose my senior reps for Atlanta, TX before school had let out last year!  Hayley and Hollie are amazing, sweet, beautiful girls!

They happened to vacation at Orange Beach the same time I was visiting my family! I surprised them at the hotel and everything!

I took several photos of Haley and Holly and also had to include some of their family!


Jeremiah’s Trip to the Beach

I was recently in Navarre FL visiting my brother and his little family! His wife Lindsey is a fantastic hair dresser and dyed my hair the most beautiful rose gold! In return I took some quick shots of my sweet nephew!



We also squeezed in some family shots AFTER sunset, terrible idea, but I am only in town for a day or two! They still turned out fantastic and will be great memories for them even with the little bit of motion blur from a very active baby!