Hayley & Hollie-Senior Reps and Fam!

I chose my senior reps for Atlanta, TX before school had let out last year!  Hayley and Hollie are amazing, sweet, beautiful girls!

They happened to vacation at Orange Beach the same time I was visiting my family! I surprised them at the hotel and everything!

I took several photos of Haley and Holly and also had to include some of their family!


Megan and Colton got Hitched!

I’ve already talked about these two so I’ll include it here. I was blown away by this wedding, I love seeing special touches that reflect the bride and groom. There were so many of those here. ENJOY!

Jeremiah’s Trip to the Beach

I was recently in Navarre FL visiting my brother and his little family! His wife Lindsey is a fantastic hair dresser and dyed my hair the most beautiful rose gold! In return I took some quick shots of my sweet nephew!



We also squeezed in some family shots AFTER sunset, terrible idea, but I am only in town for a day or two! They still turned out fantastic and will be great memories for them even with the little bit of motion blur from a very active baby!

Welcome Titus!

Little Titus made his arrival after a looong day! Shelley is a good friend of mine and I was so honored to get to be there for Titus’ arrival! I actually almost missed it because I was killing time at Ulta! As you can see, I made it and he is precious!

I can’t wait to take his newborn images in just a few days!



Rebecca and Jacey Mother and Daughter :)

Rebecca and Jacey are members of my church! Rebecca has been talking about having photos done with me for over a year and when I found out she was going to Navarre the same time I was! I knew it was meant to be!

These two are so photogenic and I hope to take Jacey’s senior photos next year! 🙂

Stewart and Michele – Beach Vacation

I had the great opportunity to photograph this fun couple while I was on vacation and they were on vacation! They are high school sweethearts and still look so in love!

I hope to photograph them while at home in TEXAS!

It’s a boy…FINALLY!

My good friend Shelley has two girls near the same age as my two.

I assumed she and Josh would be blessed with another girl, but she is lucky enough to be having a little boy!

I think little Titus should make his arrival tomorrow, but he is taking his sweet time staying nice and toasty in momma’s belly and can wait a whole extra week if he chooses!