Tristen – c/o ’18 Senior Rep!

I’ve done a couple family sessions with Tristen and her family. It was before I started this blog, so you will have to venture off to facebook! I also took some of her while she was at the beach and I photographed her sisters. You can find her in a few group shots here.  I can’t wait to do a full blown session with her sometime this school year!


Hollie Senior Rep ’17

I can’t believe Hollie has been my senior rep for almost an entire year! This was her latest session and check out her first official senior rep session here! I have loved having several mini sessions with her! Never a dull moment! Always willing to laugh at herself or just laugh at me! Congrats girl!

Ryan Senior ’17

Ryan is graduating! I can’t believe he is all grown up! If you’re wondering, this is one of my MANY cousins! I swear my husband is related to everyone in this town!

Queen City Senior

Seniors are one of my favorites to photograph! Orion was so fun to work with! He smiled real smiles all on his own! And with the fellas, I usually have to act like a fool to get a smirk!

From Student to Teacher

I’ve known Kristie for several years! She even visited me in the hospital after I had Lillian, (which I did not remember and got mad at her for not coming!)
She has worked so hard on her dream and I’m so proud to call her my friend! I’m so glad to have her in my life and my girls have another amazing woman to look up to! KRISTIE-put your graduation on facebook live for me!

Hollie c/o ’17

Hollie is a Senior Rep for me and this is one of several sessions she has had! Be on the lookout for more in the future!

Also, check back at her last senior session here! You can see she has such a fun and easy going personality!

While is also an amazing model, she is my go-to babysitter! HAHA

Soon it’ll be cap and gown time!

Alyssa c/o 2017!

Alyssa is a sweet, soft spoken girl that I go to church with! She is smart and talented so we definitely wanted to showcase that in her senior session!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this beautiful girl will do this upcoming year!